Suppose you have a painting business. And a nice website. But if people cannot find you when they are looking for a painter to give the house a good lick of paint, there is little point in having that business card on the Internet. Things could be different. 'The Axioms' has all the knowledge available to lead new customers to your website. Did you know that 74% of Nigerian internet users use Google the most? A high Google ranking is the most cost-effective marketing method. Your potential customers find it easy to find you and you approach them when they need you. A huge target group reach against very low costs!

What can The Axioms do for you?

In close consultation with you, we compile a list of key search terms for your company. What does a potential customer search for when looking for the services/products that your company offers? For this, we examine search terms that apply specifically to your company.

After determining the most used keywords, we start designing a landing page. This is a website page which will appear to the visitor when he searches for one of the keywords. The landing page is as it were the signboard of your website. Therefore we do not need to amend your present website. The landing page is designed by The Axioms in line with the corporate identity of your company.

Twice a year, you receive a report from us with the scores of your search terms in Google. Obtaining a top ranking in Google is a continuous process. After evaluation with you, we can, if necessary, adjust any search terms or add new keywords. Interested? Please contact us free of charge.



Hotline: +2348058503272



The Axioms has a huge team of marketing experts and IT marketers who are well versed with the tools and support that would help you to create and send e-mails and newsletters to prospects. We define your offerings succinctly for conveying your marketing message in best possible terms. Market your business with a good description of products and services organized in a fashion which is attractive and easy to grasp for your clients.

For email campaigns, we have a line-up of offerings which will help you suit your requirement


  • Direct Mail Distribution

  • Newsletter Distribution

  • Autoresponders

  • Campaign mails